A selection of completed projects and related publications.

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Fund for Rural Equity-Capacity Building, Leadership Development, Resource Equality in Rural Areas and Culturally Responsive Evaluation (2009-2014).

Provided coaching, capacity building guidance, and grant portfolio management to deepen the impact of organizations serving low-income communities of color in the San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast of California. Supported by the Community Leadership Project.

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Growing Hunger -Land Reform, Food Sovereignty and Latin American Rural Development (2003-2006).

Photos Courtesy of Jennifer Tong

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Reform predicated on educational resource distribution fosters real power for the public to shape local communities and their children’s educational experience.
— Education Reform: Success as Investment, Social Policy Fall 2003

National Education Investment Fund-Critique of School Choice in Low-Income Communities, Focus on Public Investment for Academic Achievement and Equality (2001-2003).

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